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High-Performance Artificial Grass Turf has been replacing natural turf surfaces across all levels of athletic fields and playgrounds, and offers many benefits:

All Weather Usage

Natural grass fields will quickly turn to mud in even light rain. Not only is it a messy situation for the players, running and playing on wet grass can quickly tear up a field, causing damage and reducing the ability for future play until it’s regrown.

An artificial turf dog run, sports field or playground, however, is always usable, rain or shine. There’s no need to limit play after a heavy rain, and with our unique drainage system, the fields dry up quickly, allowing play to resume almost as soon as the sun comes out. Installing artificial turf will dramatically reduce maintenance costs and downtime due to weather, reseeding, and maintenance.

Durable, No Down Time

Artificial turf athletic fields are extremely versatile and can handle multiple consecutive games and practices. Many times, after heavy-use, natural grass needs a period of recovery before it is ready to be played on again. If you are organizing several consecutive sporting events in a busy venue, the necessary field recovery time can limit or interfere with your packed calendar, and greatly effect the field’s revenue potential. For multi-purpose sports fields, or even single-sport fields with frequent events and games, artificial turf is the best solution. It requires no recovery time and is ready to go as soon as the previous team clears the field.

Additionally, for a busy playground or pet area, the areas with the heaviest usage, almost always get run down and stripped of grass in no time. This can pose risks for young children sliding down a slide or running around the equipment, with the dirt or gravel making it more likely for them to slip and injure themselves, not to mention the extra dirt and grime collected in your dogs fur.

Reduced Cost and Maintenance, Improved Performance

Maintenance costs, especially over the long term, are much higher for natural grass than for synthetic grass surfaces. Natural grass requires regular watering, fertilizing, mowing, seeding and pest control, which can cost thousands of dollars in materials and labor.

What’s more, after installation, artificial grass is ready for use on day one.  Preparation for natural turf takes much longer and requires significant attention and care year-round. As time passes, certain areas will wear down more than others, leaving the look of the field patchy and inconsistent… and some of those bare spots can dramatically affect ball roll, bounce, player movement, kids playing, and more.

From an environmental standpoint, natural grass must be regularly mowed, fertilized, watered, weeded, etc. It’s often necessary to use pesticides, which can spread into surrounding areas and leach into nearby water sources. Fertilizer can have similarly harmful effects on nearby areas in addition to consuming a considerable amount of time and money. The frequent watering can drive water costs through the roof, and just doesn’t make as much sense as synthetic turf in our desert climate.

Reduced Injury Impact

Our synthetic turf installations can incorporate appropriate padding under the turf, to provide an added layer of safety, as needed. Additionally, our turf uses polyethylene fibers that produce significantly less friction between the playing surface and players’ skin compared to both natural grass and older versions of synthetic turf, reducing the likelihood of abrasions or friction-based injuries.  Additionally, the consistency of the surface, the elimination of rocks and other debris, as well as the elimination of dirt patches, make for more predictable ball roll and fewer injuries to players.

Safe for Kids and Pets

Our artificial grass is produced in the USA, and adheres to strict quality control standards. We use premium grade ingredients in manufacturing process of the blades of grass, as well as the backing, padding and undersurfaces. This means that the finished product is safe for kids and pets to play on, with no concern that the materials will be leaking harmful chemicals or causing other safety concerns. Unlike natural grass, which can lead to kids or pets ingesting harmful pesticides or fertilizers, or getting them on their skin, our synthetic turf for playgrounds and sports fields is chemically inert and will not harm your loved ones.

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